Units Available in WeBWorK

Some WeBWorK problems ask for answers with units. Below is a list of basic units and how they need to be abbreviated in WeBWorK answers. In some problems, you may need to combine units (e.g, velocity might be in ft/s for feet per second).

Unit Abbreviation
Seconds s
Minutes min
Hours hr
Days day
Years yr
Milliseconds ms
Feet ft
Inches in
Miles mi
Meters m
Centimeters cm
Millimeters mm
Kilometers km
Angstroms A
Light years light-year
Grams g
Kilograms kg
Slugs slug
Liters L
Cubic Centimeters cc
Milliliters ml
Newtons N
Dynes dyne
Pounds lb
Tons ton
Joules J
kilo Joule kJ
ergs erg
foot pounds lbf
calories cal
kilo calories kcal
electron volts eV
kilo Watt hours kWh
Amperes amp
Moles mol
Degrees Centrigrade degC
Degrees Fahrenheit degF
Degrees Kelvin degK
Angle degrees deg
Angle radians rad
More Units at http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Units